With GPS Tracking devices changing the face of Fleet Industry every second, BlackBoxGPS is the one with maximum impact and an unmatched Goodwill.
No wonder, it is India’s favourite product in its category topping the charts in customer satisfaction as well as for service after delivery of the products. The company is already working in tandem with big Telecom Brands like Tata Docomo in India and CLAAS in the world.

BlackBoxGPS excels owing to distinguished aspects like having own R&D and manufacturing unit, Pan India Service network and company's commitment to delivering innovative product laced we many advanced features.


BlackBox TM22

BlackBox TM22 is an economical yet advanced GPS tracking solution for fleet owners which makes monitoring your vehicle easy and reliable.The hardware and software of this product comes with the backing of BlackboxGPS Technologies commitment to superior quality. BlackBox TM22 is an ideal solution for fleet owners who have been concerned about the location of their vehicle and its operational efficiency. BlackBox TM22 will keep you updated about the vehicle’s real-time location as well as updates about speed, distance covered and many other significant information which you can with a finger touch through the BlackBox App.


BlackBox TM33

BlackBox TM33 is one of the most advanced GPS Tracker backed withrobust technology and hardware to render precise, accurate and real-time monitoring services. BlackBox TM33 helps you track your Fleet’s Location, Fuel Consumption, Engine Temperature Monitoring and many other significant aspects that impact operational efficiency of the vehicle. You will receive regular updates on your data-connected smartphone by installing Blackbox TM33 in your vehicle. Other features include regular alerts and vehicle maintenance alerts in context of repairs and maintenance due, speed alerts and a regularly updated log of your vehicle’s location.


Blackbox TM65

Blackbox TM65 is water-resistant high-value tracking device from BlackboxGPS Technologies that brings the benefit of power-packed performance for vehicle owners with its advanced GPS vehicle tracking and communication solutions. Blackbox TM65 comes with certified dual and quad band integrated platforms and is the most trusted name for fleet owners who desire to receive real-time updates about their vehicle’s whereabouts, distance travelled, fuel consumption and many other significant alerts about vehicle’s repair and maintenance status.



For Vehicle owners who want to monitor their vehicle with minimal investment, installing GOS-technology enabled Cameras manufactured by BlackboxGPS Technologies is the solutions. There are 4 variants available for Camera installation options. These cameras record the inside pictures of the vehicle which are sent to the owner after a fixed interval of time. The owner can thus keep a look into the inside of the vehicle and can ensure safety of people or products being transported through the vehicle.



An advanced Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR) by BlackboxGPS Technologies is the most trusted name when it comes to ensuring the safety of school children while commuting through School buses. Owing to the advanced GPS technology and innovative spirit of BlackboxGPS Technologies team, the MDVR so designed has been the most sophisticated digital video system development for the school buses in India. The fact that our flagship product BlackBox has been the only product in GPS Tracking category to get a patent from India makes us the best in offering GPS technology based solutions.


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