Puma – The Vehicle Guard

When you are so worried about the safety and upkeep of your vehicle; isn’t it wise to install the best GPS Tracking device, Puma – the Vehicle Guard, in your car for 100% safety and control?

Yes, that’s the best way to secure your car from theft and misuse. All you need to do is install Puma – the Vehicle Guard in your expensive car or vehicle! It is India’s best GPS tracking device when it comes to ensuring the safety of your personal vehicle.

Puma – the Vehicle Guard becomes a necessity for those who would definitely take a setback if their precious vehicle gets stolen. And if you think that your vehicle has no risk of theft or misuse… check out these statistics –

  • One vehicle gets stolen every minute in India.
  • India has the highest rate of Vehicle theft in Asia.
  • The recovery rate of stolen cars by police during the past 10 years, stand at a pitiable 7.82% (Source- The Telegraph August 30.2011).

So if you do not want to suffer the torture of losing your vehicle to thieves and then bearing the further harassment of not recovering it… Puma, the Vehicle Guard is the best solutions.

Your Car will call you itself in case of the slightest attempt of theft… if Puma, the Vehicle Guard is installed in it.

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Puma (The Vehicle Guard) Products

Benefits of Puma Guard over other GPS tracking devices include –

  • Low Maintenance and Less-Priced Device.
  • Easy to Install.
  • Robust Performance.
  • High Quality Manufacturing.
  • Trust of BlackboxGPS Technologies.
  • The Best GPS Tracking Device in India for private vehicles.
  • Quickest Updates – both by SMS and phone call.

Technical Specifications for Puma:-

  • GSM :Quad-band GSM 900/1800. Optional 850/1900
    GPRS multi slot class 10.

  • GPS :65 Channel GPS Receiver
    Accuracy: 10 meter.
    Start up time: 29 sec.
    Acquisition Sensitivity: -160 dBM.
    Velocity: 600m/s.

  • Inputs/Outputs:• 2 Isolated Inputs (Active High).
    • 1 O/p for Immobilizer.
    • Spy microphone I/p.

  • Interfaces for Debugging and Testing:• TTL Serial interface and Testable offline Windows Apps.
    • Testable and Configurable through SMS.

  • Antenna:GPS (Internal Antenna with 1575.42 MHz ± 2MHz, Gain 30 dB typ.).
    GSM (Internal Passive Quad-Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz).

  • Transmission Speed:
    • 10sec During Active mode with speed.
    • 1 min During Active mode when speed is zero.
    • 6 to 8 min during sleep mode.

  • Power Specifications: Power Specifications Input Voltage: 10V to 30V DC
    Current: Nominal ~ 50 mA.
    During Internal Battery charging ~ 250mA.
    Internal Battery Backup when no external supply: 15hrs to 24hrs (Depends upon the Device Mode).

  • Environmental:Operating Temperature: 10◦C to + 65◦C degree Celsius.
    Storage Temperature: 20◦C to + 85◦C degree Celsius.
    Humidity: 90 % max. (non-condensing).

  • Physical Specifications:ODimensions: 90x68x29mm /(3.6 x 2.6 x 1.2 Inch)
    Device Status LED’s: GPS (Amber) and GSM (Red). Reset Switch
    Housing: ABS Plastic.